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the 90s called / making throwback style work in 2014

the nineties called – they want their style back. not only are the 90s making a triumphant return in fashion but we’re welcoming back the sounds and styles of decades past in music as well. and who could blame us? in a time when technology is at its most advanced and oversaturation of DJs and producers is at its peak, it’s not surprising that we’re nostalgic for a simpler time. when rave culture…

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music monday / sango

music monday / sango


i am a sucker for a good rework of a cheesy 00s classic (as evidenced by the fact that i am still listening to cyril hahn’s say my name remix. it’s been almost 2 years, guys) – so, of course, sango’s “bb don’t cry” has been on heavy rotation of late. anything that pairs justin timberlake samples with aaliyah vocals is okay by me.


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featuring / alka rex


“to be honest, we hate interviews,” eddie krilov and sasha kaline, new york-by-way-of-moscow producers known by their stage name, alka rex, laugh wholeheartedly. it’s around 1 pm on a grey sunday, and the three of us have been chatting over skype for a half hour before the pair confess that interviews make them uncomfortable. not that you could tell. after  more than a decade of friendship, and…

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featuring / blackblessed’s flor serani

featuring / blackblessed’s flor

cutted flor

black is more than just a colour. it’s a state of mind. in fashion, black is effortless chic, inimitable edge – it’s classic but it’s of the moment. there are few brands that embody that state of mind better than flor serani’s italian label, blackblessed. a lifelong interest in fashion that started with a love of drawing and art, serani’s curiosity quickly grew into what has become one of the…

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10 montreal folk artists you should know


i’ve been having an affair with electronic music for almost a decade now, cheating on my first true love, folk music. it doesn’t feel wrong though – electronic music is the younger, hotter babe i take out on the dancefloor, but folk music is who i’ll always come home to. folk, indie, bluegrass, country, gospel; i probably shouldn’t lump them all together, but all have been a part of my life in…

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