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featuring / ain’t no love


the last time i saw roly broere, we were 12. we went to summer camp together as kids. the staff there gave out “moose dollars” (or “mooney”) to campers for achievements and good deeds, and at the end of the summer, kids could spend their mooney at a camp-wide carnival that took place in front of the main lodge. roly and a couple other troublemakers had stolen a batch of moose dollars, and my…

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foundry 2014 / review


12:00 am

we’re already late. i had promised friends that we’d be heading down to 99 sudbury street in toronto for the last foundry event of 2014 at around 10:30 pm. it’s midnight and we’re still drinking at my friend’s place near kensington market. we’re chatting about carl craig– the night’s headliner – swapping stories about the times we’ve heard him play, when someone timidly asks “what…

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the 90s called / making throwback style work in 2014

the nineties called – they want their style back. not only are the 90s making a triumphant return in fashion but we’re welcoming back the sounds and styles of decades past in music as well. and who could blame us? in a time when technology is at its most advanced and oversaturation of DJs and producers is at its peak, it’s not surprising that we’re nostalgic for a simpler time. when rave culture…

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music monday / sango

music monday / sango


i am a sucker for a good rework of a cheesy 00s classic (as evidenced by the fact that i am still listening to cyril hahn’s say my name remix. it’s been almost 2 years, guys) – so, of course, sango’s “bb don’t cry” has been on heavy rotation of late. anything that pairs justin timberlake samples with aaliyah vocals is okay by me.


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