style, music & soul in a little city called montreal.

the quitter / review


“where did everybody get donuts?” i wonder aloud to the other loner flying solo at al lafrance’s one-man show, the quitter. the guy doesn’t hear me, or pretends not to. it’s quiet save for the sam cooke track playing in the small show room at montreal’s improv theatre. i sit down, watching everyone around me chew their honey cruellers and boston cremes. “could go for an old fashioned plain about…

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featuring / klangscheiben

“claing-sh-eye-bin. clang-sch-high-ben,” i stumble over the words, trying to tell a friend the name of the german record label i’ve been writing for. behind me, i can hear thomas baz, the label’s founder, laughing. “was that wrong?” i venture another attempt at the pronunciation, “klang-schybbin!” not even close. i met thomas last summer at toronto’s sound in motion festival. we became fast…

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em15 mutek x elektra 2014 / review

crowd - caroline hayeur

standing immediately in front of the stage at metropolis on friday night, the bass was so loud that you could feel it in your bones, your head, your heart. and yet, behind me, a girl and her buddy are in the middle of a conversation about what show they saw last night, speaking loudly enough so as to be heard over the music. i shush them, pointedly, asking that they take it elsewhere. although…

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featuring / ain’t no love


the last time i saw roly broere, we were 12. we went to summer camp together as kids. the staff there gave out “moose dollars” (or “mooney”) to campers for achievements and good deeds, and at the end of the summer, kids could spend their mooney at a camp-wide carnival that took place in front of the main lodge. roly and a couple other troublemakers had stolen a batch of moose dollars, and my…

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